Ottolinger x 079

The Swiss Connection

At the Paris Fashion Week, the seats for their show were once again in high demand, and their designs regularly grace the pages of prominent fashion magazines. The Swiss sensations Ottolinger have been pushing the boundaries of fashion from their studio in Berlin for several years.

Now, for 079, the two Swiss expats, Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient, have crafted a Ottolinger capsule collection with key items themed around a sense of home. It all began with a simple question: What do you see when you gaze from the world's metropolises onto the Swiss countryside? What unfolds when you send the spirit of the times on a quest for Swiss DNA? Ottolinger's answer: Twisting the memory of traditional elements into modern streetwear, heritage as an echo chamber for fresh perspectives. It's a stimulating fashion experiment that promises to bring not only compatriots together but also captivate a global audience. The exclusive collection will be available this autumn, promising a fusion of tradition and contemporary style.