Kimmy Repond

«Work hard, look good, feel great.»

 Kimmy Repond will easily catapult onto international catwalks. Who can overlook Kimmy Repond’s talent in front of the camera, which has led to a remarkable number of followers on TikTok and Instagram! It’s her fusion of acrobatic excellence with elegant movements that blows away the spectators in the stadiums: Kimmy Repond runs, dances, jumps, pirouettes in jaw-dropping perfection – and without any visible strain. As if she’s been waiting to do so all her life. As if there were only ice skating, and the moments when she’s waiting to return to the ice at last. Kimmy Repond is world class in a domain that above all requires iron discipline – and a training programme unparalleled in the world of sports. This teenager from Basel won a bronze medal in figure skating at her first European championship, and a respectable eighth place at the Japan Open. Her next goal: to participate in the Olympic Games in 2026 – where she’ll be just twenty years old. And yes, there’s a secret to this success, even a kind of motto.