«Aube ish läbe nur so kompliziert /
Dasi nüm weiss wieme aues das shaft.»

(from his song Yaa Dede)

He opened the world’s eyes to an entirely different side of Swiss rap. His parents toured Europe as a dance company. And even as a youngster he discovered his very own rhythm on drums and percussion. Though not feeling limited by borders seemed even more important at the start of his music career. Pronto usually raps in Swiss German, his mother tongue, as he says himself, but he is also regularly drawn to Ghana, the country of his ancestors. For Pronto, where you feel at home has nothing to do with your nationality – his identity is defined by his music: Afro beats meet hip hop. And when he drops a new single, it’s always exciting to see which side of his personality has shaped the sound this time. But what’s always true: Pronto wants to invite and inspire, not give orders or shout at people. We never knew how suggestive rap can sound.