079 – The Story Behind

It all started with 079, the first mobile phone area code for Switzerland. The number that set everything in motion back then. Today, these digits have long been a part of Swiss identity. And we are bringing the iconic numbers back. With a fashion brand that moves everyone again. 

Because since autumn 2023, 079 has been the answer to the question of how contemporary Swiss fashion can be. It's a Swisscom think tank in collaboration with Swiss Creative Director Beda Achermann that's got creatives from all corners of Switzerland and pop culture, making waves worldwide – 079 People. So 079 is making the connection again - just like back then.

Connection meets collection. Fashion connects people. Every T-shirt can communicate. Inspiration transcends borders. And the most important thing: everything is in motion. In the head but also on the legs. Outdoors and indoors. Urban or outdoor. This is exactly what the 079 pieces are made for. It is universal fashion. Conceived in Switzerland, made for a world of tomorrow. Small runs, big statements.

The 079 philosophy also combines things that at first glance seem far apart: Swiss heritage and avant-garde, for example. Hi-tech fabrics and classic tailoring. Street and function. Wit and wow.

079 is launching until May 2024 with individual limited-edition drops on football and a capsule collection on Swiss tradition. In June, 079 presents the first collection for Autumn/Winter 2024.

Stay connected.

An initiative by Swisscom. Launched in 2023 to mark the 25th anniversary of the Swisscom brand.