Ella Rumpf

«Feverish, wild and fast»

She’s not afraid to dive into ever-new abysses in her roles. And to drag us, the viewers, down with her ever deeper from one scene to the next. Ella Rumpf was born in Paris and then grew up in her mother’s home town of Zurich. She trained as an actress in London immediately on leaving school. Her screen presence and her compelling performance reveals its brutal power for the first time in «Raw», a horror scenario involving cannibalism. In the series «Freud», Ella Rumpf played a patient under hypnosis so authentically that critics began to worry about her wellbeing. And a guest appearance in the family drama «Succession» finally manifested the myth of her charisma: so beautiful, so dangerous, so inscrutable. So too her latest leading role – «Variety» wrote of the award-winning Swiss film «Soul of a Beast».