Kayije Kagame

«Pick Up a Dream, And Work on It.»

Sometimes, Switzerland is really not far from France. When a young Swiss woman, after gaining her first experience on the stage, has the courage to approach a French director. At a festival in her favourite cinema in Geneva. And that turns into the film “Saint Omer,” which later wins the Grand Jury Prize in Venice. And its leading actress Kayije Kagame was acclaimed at the Berlinale 2023. Her talent was discovered early on by Robert Wilson; she then played in small films that attracted a great deal of attention. With installations and sound artworks, but above all in her ever-so-impressive acting, you feel an empathy of the kind that people have who were born into an intact world, and yet remain directly connected to a different fate – Kayije Kagame’s parents fled Rwanda for Geneva. This year, France submitted «Saint Omer» as its Oscar entry. And Switzerland named Kayije Kagame its «Shooting Star of the Year».