Lia Wälti

The path for Lia Wälti was clear from the start: her father was a football coach and so she trained with his team at FC Langnau from the tender age of eight. It was a boys’ team, but Lia’s exceptional talent soon left them trailing behind. After appearing for professional clubs in Bern and Potsdam, the midfield star now plays for Arsenal FC in London and, at the age of 31, can look back on an eventful footballing career. One particular highlight is her membership of the Swiss national team. She received her first cap in 2011 and went on to become the team’s most recognisable face as captain. Her uncompromising commitment, her sense of style and the fearless way in which she has always pushed boundaries in her sporting career make Lia Wälti the ideal ambassador for the ‘United by 079’ Collection.