«Voices resound and fade away coming and going like the flow of water waves overlapping waves as new surfaces emerge»

That Kate Bush immediately springs to mind is entirely intentional. The British singer and her distinctive, surreal singing made a great impression on Lisheva as a child. And anyone who experiences the latter on stage today is similarly transported to other spheres by her, whether as part of the bands “Deep Fried Galaxy” or “Babycurls” or solo: Lisheva mixes pop elements with broken beats, underpins her almost intimate lyrics with organic rhythms, and creates a virtually irresistible pull. If you ask the woman from Solothurn about her origins, she refers to nature, with which she still has an existential connection. It’s no wonder that she seems like a creature from a fairy tale. A fairy that sings her songs to us from distant forests, from a bottomless lake.