Tobias Spichtig

«Everything No One Ever Wanted»

His work blurs the boundaries between art, performance and, yes, even fashion. What Tobias Spichtig has in common with extra-ordinary brands such as Balenciaga, Rick Owens or Ottolinger, is a world view that seeks forms of expression for our sensitive souls to survive in day-to-day life. His roots in Lucerne, his training at art schools in Switzerland and Los Angeles, and ultimately his international breakthrough in Berlin, make Tobias Spichtig a contemporary art figure whose life and work appear inseparable. His unerring portraits hold the viewer spellbound. His sculptures, whose build and expression strike you as if his famous ancestor Alberto Giacometti had been reborn in a dystopian world, take a critical and at the same time ironic look at our reality. Kunsthalle Basel is dedicating a solo exhibition to him next year.